St. Jude Children’s Hospital: Constantly Sharing New Research

Lisabeth Christy is an award-winning photographer who runs her own business, Lisabeth Christy Photography. Passionate about sharing her success with those in need, Ms. Christy donates a portion of the money she earns from every photography session to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

St. Jude Children’s Hospital is well-known for the significant contributions it makes to the field of cancer research. In keeping with the organization’s priority of sharing research and treatment discoveries, St. Jude researchers published 775 articles in peer-reviewed journals in 2012, and 800 articles in 2013, which averages a new discovery made public every 11 hours.

Furthermore, the hospital has released the most extensive human cancer genome data ever made public. This information has been made available to aid cancer researchers as well as scientists studying other diseases.

In addition to peer-reviewed articles and data, the hospital runs an online portal called St. Jude Cure4Kids that allows scientists and researchers worldwide to share their research and collaborate on projects. More than 38,000 health care workers use the service.


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