Supporting Habitat for Humanity

The owner of her own Washington, DC, photography company, Lisabeth Christy actively assists those in need through her support of several charities, including Habitat for Humanity. In 2005, Lisabeth Christy worked with Habitat for Humanity in southern Costa Rica, where she and other volunteers built a house for a family in need.

Habitat for Humanity accepts monetary donations in any amount through its website and through the mail. Donations as small as $10 provide the organization with a box of nails, while larger donations help pay for siding, front doors, and even flooring. Whether the donation is monthly or just a single gift, any funds donated directly support the organization’s efforts, and individuals have the option of sending their donation to relief efforts in specific locations.

Planned giving ensures Habitat for Humanity continues its support for people in need. The two most popular forms of planned giving involve including the organization in one’s will and giving a charitable gift annuity. For some, matching donations are also an option if an employer agrees on equaling any charitable contributions made by employees.


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