How You Can Help Animals in Your Community

Lisabeth Christy, owner of the award-winning Lisabeth Christy Photography studio in Washington, D.C., is a lifelong animal lover. She often brings injured or abandoned animals to local rescue and rehab centers and otherwise helps animals in her community any way she can.

Many individuals consider themselves animal lovers and would like to help animals in need, although in some situations it is unclear how to do so. If you wish to provide assistance to animals in your community, the first step is to learn how to report animal abuse and neglect. Each state and town has its own method for reporting animal cruelty, which may range from contacting animal welfare officers with the police department to calling the local animal control unit. These entities, as well as veterinarians, are good sources of information on effectively communicating instances of animal abuse.

Volunteer work is perhaps the most direct way you can get involved in the lives of struggling animals and help them. Local animal shelters and rescue centers always need assistance, whether it’s walking or grooming dogs or simply taking care of clerical work in the office. Finally, you can reach out to neighbors who may need assistance with their pets. The elderly, injured, or sick may have dogs or cats that they cannot exercise properly on a daily basis. Taking these animals out a few times per week can prevent a healthy, friendly pet from being put up for adoption.


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