Things to Consider When Finding a Stray Animal

A portrait photographer, Lisabeth Christy is very passionate about animals. Lisabeth Christy believes in preserving the lives of animals and commits herself to saving strays in distress.

When a person finds a stray pet, it is vital to consider options to ensure the animal’s future safety. While it may seem reasonable to take a stray animal to a shelter or animal care and control agency, one should understand the limitations of these entities. These organizations have strict budgets and limited space. Therefore, they might not be able to provide care, may deny the animal entry into the facility, or worse, be forced to make tough decisions regarding the animal’s livelihood as a result of insufficient means.

Inadequate resources are a major factor for stray animals that have health concerns. Stray animals that have minor wounds may be accepted into a shelter or animal control agency, but will stay there for only an allotted period of time. If the animal is not adopted within the time mandated, the pet will most probably be euthanized. The same applies to animals that have severe injuries. In the case of more traumatic wounds, however, the animal will likely be euthanized to relieve suffering rather than providing treatment.


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